3 Types of Erection Problem

Knowing whether you suffer from impotence can be hard, especially if you are only recently seeing the inability to gain and maintain an erect penis becoming a problem, however there are 3 main types of erection issues that men suffer and to enable you to be able to determine whether you have potential erectile dysfunction related issues, we wanted to highlight those for you.

The Sudden Loss

Until now you have never had a problem with your penis however you have suddenly experienced the loss of ability to become erect. If this is the case and you can think back to when it happened, you may be able to determine the root of the problem.

Think back to the time surrounding the ‘incident’ and question whether you have experienced any additional emotional stress around that time.

It is well-known that moments of high emotional stress can prevent your brain from allowing the complete motion required to be able to gain and maintain an erect penis to happen, resulting in a loss of strength.

If you find that this could be the issue that you are experiencing, try to enlighten the emotional cause of the stress that you have experienced and try again. This could be an isolated case and could well be cured without the need for medical advice or treatment.

The Occasional Loss of Power

It is common in men of all ages to suffer from occasional loss of erection ‘hardness’ and is often not likely to be a sign of being impotent due to the possibility that the problem could be caused by external elements within their life.

It is well documented that erectile dysfunction can be experienced through times of stress and anxiety however it should also be recognised that alcohol can also produce the same effects as both of the mental elements and can also lead to men failing to gain or maintain an erection.

Occasional loss of ability to become and stay erect can be a sign that you suffer from impotence and although we would suggest that you monitor your performance within this area, we believe that it would be beneficial to speak to your doctor about the issue should you believe that you are not suffering from stress and anxiety and have not consumed alcohol within the same day as the problems occurring.

Gradual Decline

Erectile Dysfunction is not always a sudden inability to maintain or obtain an erect penis suitable for sexual activity, instead it can become a problem that increases in severity.

If you believe that you are noticing an inability to be able to obtain and maintain and erection over a prolonged period of time, we strongly advise you to speak with your doctor about the problem.

In a situation such as this, there are further health risks that need to be considered as high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease or narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis) becomes possible.

Speaking with your doctor about this problem will mean that they should be able to help you to treat any further health problems that you could be experiencing outside of erectile dysfunction.